Over 25 years

Warranty Information

At SuperCharge we offer reasonable warranties for a variety of our quality batteries, giving you peace of mind.

Please note:

  • Warranty is conditional upon practice within manufacturers’ guidelines and specifications
  • Warranty is cancelled if battery packs are opened and original seals are broken
  • Warranty is cancelled if batteries are directly connected to moisture.

SuperCharge Gold Plus Sealed MF – Up to 40 months
SuperCharge Silver Plus Sealed MF – Up to 30 months
SuperCharge PowerStation Accessible – Up to 24 months
SuperCharge Truck Master Accessible – Up to 24 months
SeaMaster Gold Sealed MF – Up to 24 months
SeaMaster Accessible – Up to 18 months
AMP-TECH Deep Cycle – Up to 12 months
Allrounder Dual Purpose – Up to 12 months
X-Pack Conventional Accessible – Up to 12 months
Taxi Use – Up to 6 months
All Batteries for Commercial Use – 12 months


If SuperCharge (itself or through a reseller) finds on examination that the battery is defective due to faulty manufacturing and is within the specified warranty period, then the battery will be replaced with an equivalent battery free of charge. The warranty period is not renewed or extended as a result of this replacement subject to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law


If you have any questions about our warranties, please call us on 1300 228 837. One of our sales representatives will be glad to help.