Over 25 years

Car and Marine Battery Testing Measures

SuperCharge specialises in long-lasting, extremely durable auto and deep cycle battery units that will keep you on the road. Nevertheless, testing your auto or marine battery from time to time is a smart habit.

From small auto to a deep cycle battery units, having your equipment regularly tested by our expert team will help ensure that you get the highest performance and longest life out of your product.

Keeping You on the Road

Visit your nearest SuperCharge location for complete testing and diagnostics as well as helpful tips on proper maintenance to extend the life of all the products we sell. Our team will ensure you get the right product for your vehicle, that it is installed properly and that it continues to give you a reliable performance.

Let the SuperCharge team handle all of your testing needs. Whether you need advice on a deep cycle battery to a comprehensive exam of a unit for your boat, SuperCharge has you covered.

If you are in doubt, let the SuperCharge team have a look. We regularly maintain a wide range of makes and models, from Mini, to Maserati, to Holden, Honda and Mazda battery units, and virtually every other name brand model in between.

Call us at 1300 228 837 (Australia) or 0800 188 122 (New Zealand) or contact us online.