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Deep Cycle Battery Care

In order to ensure that your deep cycle battery performs at its best, has a long life and stays under warranty, maintenance is important. Caring for a deep cycle battery unit differs in some ways from maintaining a standard auto battery. Here are a few tips to keep your unit in good working order.


Make sure your deep cycle battery is clean and free of corrosion. If possible, check to make sure the internal plates are submerged in water. Use distilled water to refill if needed.

Proper Hook-Up

Ensure that your Honda, Holden or Mazda battery is properly hooked up by inspecting whether the cables and connections are all securely fastened. When the vehicle is in operation the unit should be stable to avoid potential damage.

When attaching connectors to a threaded post, be sure to use only stainless steel Nylock Nuts. The eyelet/connector should contact well (be flat against) the lead base, with no washers separating the two surfaces. Do not over-tighten the eyelet/connector.


Do not discharge units below 11.5 volts. This type of excessive discharge will reduce the lifespan of your deep cycle battery but more importantly may void the warranty of any auto battery.


Performance and charging can be affected by extreme temperatures. Heat can cause overcharging, and will increase the amount of water used. Cold temperatures reduce capacity – as with a truck or auto battery – and slow the charging process.


Units will need to be equalised regularly – once a week if used actively. This involves a lengthy and slow charge after a normal charge cycle. Equalising helps balance all of the cells.


Self-discharge during storage is common to deep cycle, marine, truck and auto battery. Before storage, we recommend:

  1. Perform a complete charge
  2. Remove all electrical connections, including series/parallel connectors
  3. Make sure that your storage area is dry and cool
  4. Every two months, perform a boost charge


For more information on maintaining any range of units, such as a Honda, Holden or Mazda battery, don’t hesitate to contact SuperCharge at 1300 228 837 (Australia) or 0800 188 122 (New Zealand). You can also fill out the online enquiry form.